Thanks for stopping by my channel for my 21 day Clean With Me Challenge – Baby Steps to Your Best Life Yet!!!
Today’s challenge is a pretty simple one as it’s Friday and it’s to spend no more than 21 minutes decluttering and emptying out your car. I scheduled this so that the more time-consuming task of detailing and cleaning the car would fall on a Saturday when people may have more time to complete the task. All you need to do today is when you come home from work or picking the kids up take the time to remove everything from the car so it is ready to vacuum and clean out first thing tomorrow. Usually when tasks are too long and seem overwhelming people tend to procrastinate on them or put them off altogether – break it down into more manageable tasks and sudden;y it doesn’t seem so daunting. Tomorrow’s task will be made quicker and easier having done the groundwork today!!!
I get so many questions here on YT about how I got started with having a clean and organized home and the answer is always the same – when my eldest son was a newborn I found a kooky little website called The Fly Lady who had a zone cleaning system for cleaning her home…things that have stuck with me over the years from her teachings are –
1. End EVERY day with ‘shined sink’
2. To clean the toilet each and every day
3. Soap is soap – use an old shampoo that. you don’t like washing your hair with to clean the toilet 😉
Random tips I know but I do my best absolutely every day to end the night with a clean and clear kitchen and that includes a sink that shines!!!

So for today’s challenge, we are going to add another simple cleaning task to those we have completed each day so far to create a quick daily cleaning routine 🙂

I promise you this is a habit that you will learn to LOVE in no time as it means you will wake up to a beautifully clean kitchen & tidy living area – there is no better feeling in the world than coming downstairs to a picked-up home and a shiny sink with clean & clear counters 🙂

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